"Oh Argentina"

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About Annie

Annie Rojzman was born into resilience. At the age of 2 months, after two prominent Jewish landmarks were bombed, her family decided to leave their home country of Argentina. Like so many other immigrant parents, Annie’s father, Rabbi Mario Rojzman, and mother, Gisela, had to make the difficult decision to move the family to safer grounds. Next stop: Miami, Florida.

Annie grew up in an immigrant household, blending her American upbringing with the strong roots her parents nurtured at home. Aside from the occasional hilarious “lost in translation” moments, life was typical and happy. She started singing at an early age, and soon after, started learning piano and listening to modern jazz and pop music. With a unique, textured voice, she has almost always received immediate reactions from anyone within listening distance.

Despite an overall happy childhood, the stories and memories of escaping instability did not sit well with Annie, especially during trips back to Argentina to visit family. It is this emotion that her debut single, “Oh Argentina”, captures. With the topic of immigration impacting millions of families in America, and knowing that Annie herself came from a similar background - it seemed perfect to release a song that could UNITE people in uncertain times.

“Oh Argentina” is the story of Annie and her family, but it’s the story of almost all American families - because unless you’re First Nation / Native American, we’re all immigrants that came from different parts of the world for a better life.

“Oh Argentina” is not a political statement, it’s a humanist approach to understand the strength, the work ethic, and the sentiment of good people looking to become a legal part of the American Dream.

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